MSBI # 69 – BI #6 – SQL Server 2012 – Breakthrough Insight SQL Server 2012 , SQL Server Evolution 2000 – 2012

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Now days everyone is very excited and getting more use  to with SQL server 2012 , The main aim behind every action is to have complete insight for SQL server 2012 from every angle i.e. for understanding for Developer , Business User , Architecture everyone in BI platform .

I have already started some article based on SQL server 2012 recently , if you have miss any can go to following links :

Microsoft Business Intelligence Overview

Now Microsoft  BI stack is more powerful and more Clare.

Following four are workspace where we are using BI stack more collaboratively

  1. Social CRM
  2. BI
  3. Collaborating Insights
  4. Unified Workspace
    In above four important we use following techniques

  1. Microsoft Dynamic CRM
  2. Microsoft Office
  3. Microsoft SQL server  
  4. Microsoft SharePoint
  5. Microsoft Lync Server
  6. Lets represent everything on single plane what it look like :


Complete and integrated work flow design as shown 


Discussion point on Breakthrough Insight

The most important aspect here is to for Planning Agility and Control

We can focus with feature such as

  • Discussion point on Breakthrough Insight
  • Rapid Data Exploration & Visualization
  • Credible, Consistent Data

Rapid Data Exploration & Visualization


  • Familiar data exploration and visualization with Project Power View
  • Inspire innovation with powerful data mash-ups in Power Pivot
  • Greater IT oversight and management through SharePoint

Credible, Consistent Data


  • Consistent view of your data through a single BI Semantic Model
  • Ease of integration and management with Integration Services and Master Data Services
  • Quickly manage, analyze, and cleanse data across sources in Data Quality Services

Scalable Analytics  & DW Solution


  • Engine tuning for high-scale analytics in Analysis Services
  • Enhanced capabilities for high-scale data warehousing with Parallel Data Warehouse
  • Comprehensive offerings for Data Warehouses of all sizes

SQL Server Evolution from 2000 – 2012

I just found following image in one of slide where we can easily identify evolution of SQL Server 


We will have all more update , Links , images on further posting on same ..

For more interesting information on SQL we can also look into similar topics such as

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