MSBI # 68 – SSIS # 28 – SQL Server 2012 – New Features , SSDT Introduction and links

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Now lets get started and acquire more knowledge towards ocean of  SQL server 2012.

I have explained installation and few features in following blogs

    SQL Server 2012 is really superb and introduces new features and enhancements that increase the power and productivity of developers, administrators, and knowledge workers who develop data transformation solutions.

In this blog we are covering points points

  • Important future and links for SQL Server 2012
  • What is SSDT ? and what does it represent ! Less Prompts in SQL Server 2012
  • How to create new Solution in SSIS inn SSDT
  • Information Tab in SSDT
  • New Zoom In option
  • Undo and Redo Task enhancement in SSDT
  • Undo and Redo Task
  • Connection Manger
  • Overview of all features

Important future and links for SQL Server 2012

Following are most important and new features and enhancements by area and respective link .

    What is SSDT ? and what is represent !
    First most important noticed and interesting change we have SSDT – SQL Server Data Tools


    SSDT is nothing but BIDS !!
    Less Prompts
    Second change i have noticed is when we change package name its not ask that prompt Open-mouthed smile


How to create new Solution in SSIS inn SSDT

Lets create new SSIS Solution in SSDT


It has really high and reach resolution like visual studio


Information Tab in SSDT  

SSIS – SSDT Shows useful information tab


For example see how this tab can be useful


New Zoom option

We have Zoom In option in SSDT which is rally nice to have feature


Undo and Redo Task

We have undo and redo option now SSDT which is really want feature and really useful too


Designer Enhancement

Task are really more beautiful and curved in corners


Connection Manger

Also we have connection mangers defined in solution windows itself


To move an item to a category


· Right-click an item in the toolbox, and then click one of the following:

  • Move to Favourites
  • Move to Common
  • Move to Other Sources
  • Move to Other Transforms
  • Move to Other Destinations
  • Move to Other Tasks

Click the toolbox button that is located in the top-right corner of the package design surface

    imageOn the View menu, click Other Windows, and then click SSIS Toolbox
    Overview of all features

Following are also SQL Server 2012 Components as before we have in 2008 R2

  1. SQL Server Data Tools
  2. SQL Server Management Studio
  3. Analysis Services
  4. Configuration Tools
  5. Data Quality Services
  6. Documentation & Community
  7. Integration Services
  8. Master Data Services
  9. Performance Tools
    SQL Server 2012 we have below four new components available.

  1. SQL Server Data Tools
  2. Data Quality Services
  3. Documentation & Community
  4. Master Data Services

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