Global Power BI – Global Community with 114 Countries, 420 States and 1030 Cities, Link Click Analytics with Power BI

We are very excited to share some insight of Global Power BI User group !

Global Power BI has engagement from 114 Countries, 420 States and 1030 Cities, User are reaching out from more than 19 device through 41 referral site  with 160K click till date with average 200 click/day  and increasing every day !  Thank you for all of your support, feedback, Question, Answers , Share  and Power BI Love

Global Power BI helping Power BI Users across global without boundaries in various online platform, Join us or contact us if you want to volunteer with us.

We use Bit.Do in our all link sharing so we can track and know where are our user and help them.

Following is our Bit.Do analytics, This analysis is just based on following link clicks and does not account of anybody have bookmark our pages and interaction Only following link clicks Smile !

Click on following Power BI Dashboard analysis

Few Snapshot


Global Country


Various stats and analysis




Top engagement


Top Country


Top State and Cities


Top Device where user interact with Global Power BI


Global power BI has 36K member in various following platform, Pia chart is manual enter, Wish we could fetch direct count.


If you want see yesterday stats just filter using Access date time



Bit.Do also provides QR code for each link which you can view in last tab


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