MSBI #45 – SQL Server 2012 #1 – Now SQL Server ‘Denali’ is 2012 !

~ Change is only one thing which is constant in our life !! ~

Reasons for above quote is word is getting change overnight in same way technology are also changing very festally !!

Yes we are talking about SQL Server 2012 !!!!

The name is officially set and the next version of SQL Server (SQL11) will be 2012 and the release date will be in the first half of next year.

There will be a Release Candidate (RC0) should be provided by the end of the year that will be feature complete that everyone will be able to download and test out to provide feedback.


12 biggest features of SQL Server 2012

1. Required 9s

  • Integration Services as a Server
  • HA for StreamInsight
  • SQL Server AlwaysOn.

2. Blazing-Fast Performance

  • Performance Enhancements – RDBMS, SSAS, SSIS
  • ColumnStore Index

3. Rapid Data Exploration

The way data is going to exploring is really rapid and in fast manner

4. Managed Self-Service BI

  • Power View and PowerPivot
  • Administration from SharePoint
  • Reporting Alerts Now Project Crescent is Power View which is about self-service reporting using a Silverlight experience.

5. Credible, Consistent Data

  • BI Semantic Model
  • Data Quality Services
  • Master Data Services

6. Organizational Compliance

  • Expanded Audit – User-defined, Filtering
  • User-defined Server Roles 7. Peace of Mind
  • Production-simulated Application Testing
  • System Center Advisor & Management Packs
  • Expanded Support – Premier Mission Critical 8. Scalable Data Warehousing

This one is older one only with highly scalable Data Architecture with SQL Server

9. Fast Time to Solution

  • SQL Server Appliances (for optimized )
  • HW ,SW ,Support
  • Choice of Hardware

10. Extend Any Data, Anywhere

  • Greater Interoperability – new drivers for PHP, Java & Hadoop
  • ODBC Drivers for Linux & Change Data Capture for SSIS & Oracle
  • Beyond Relational: FileTable, 2D Spatial, Semantic Search

11. Optimised Productivity

  • SQL Server Data Tools (formerly “Juneau”)
  • Unified Across Database & BI
  • Deployment & Targeting Freedom

12. Scale on Demand

  • AlwaysOn
  • Deployment Across Public & Private
  • Elastic Scale
    Hope this Helps !!

Hope you have understood basic aspect of SQL Server 2012 and to use every aspects for same

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