MSBI #70 – SSIS #29 – SQL Server 2012 – Developer Experience #1 – What’s new in SSIS ! No More NEW from Now !!

Hi friends,

We have already talked a lot about SQL server 2012 from last months , if you have missed any following are links :

Developer Experience is series in which are going to stay focus on overview of SQL server 2012

In upcoming post  for new month (May 2012) we are going to cover following topics/post in series – Developer Experience

  • Developer Experience #1 – What’s new in SSIS (Current Post)
  • Developer Experience #2 – look & Feel and Visual Improvements
  • Developer Experience #3 – Accessibility Changes Custom SSIS Toolbox
  • Developer Experience #4 – Connection Manager , Variables and Parameter
  • Developer Experience #5 – Scripting and Expression Improvements
  • Developer Experience #6 – Data Flow Designer Improvements
    I know list is pretty big and will take at lest two week  to cover above topics , also in parallel to this we are also covering many other series.

In this post we are going to cover following key points

  • What are UI Improvement
  • What are Productivity Enhancements
  • What is SSIS Catalog
  • What is Project Deployment Model for SQL Server 2012

Now lets go into roots of various topics one by one !!

What are UI Improvement / What are Productivity Enhancements

  • imageHelping new users ramp up
  • We have Zoom In option in SSDT which is rally nice to have feature
  • Updated look and feel
  • Undo / Redo
  • Improved data flow mapping
  • Flexible order of authoring

Connection Manger

Also we have connection mangers defined in solution windows itself


Updated look and feel

Key Feature

Now includes Favourites and Common

  • Each Category can be organized
  • Effective Task descriptions at bottom
  • Clicking Help brings up relevant info
  • Sample content is also a single click away


Undo / Redo

Improved data flow mapping


Advanced troubleshooting features :


What is SSIS Catalog


  • imageCatalog will deliver much needed “OOB” ETL Framework capabilities
  • Will complement existing ETL Framework Execution Control solutions if you have one, not replace it
  • You have the option to not use the SSIS Project Deployment Model by using SSIS legacy mode
  • The SSIS catalog stores the SSIS projects, packages, parameters and environments.      
  • It can also be used for administration and troubleshooting within SQL Server Management Studio
  • PowerShell support has been added for the SSIS Catalog
  • Project Deployment Model for SQL Server 2012

Project Deployment study Model in parts first !

In Project Deployment four most important component which are

  1. Groups of packages (anywhere)
  2. Projects
  3. Configurations
  4. Parameters Lets study one by one and they see combine effect later
  5. Groups of packages (anywhere)


In this we keep a group of package anywhere and also key points is we can access same from anywhere





imageIn this we can see various SSIS project can be grouped under similar model which include project configuration 

It is as shown in diagram just side by :-

An SSIS Project can have multiple Packages


– No longer need to pass values from package to package (i.e.. Parent Package Configs) –
– No longer need to manage logging at the individual package level
– No longer need to move each package as single files for deployment
– No longer have to worry about relative paths




Configuration is most important aspect while changing or deploying in any other environment than Dev.

Some of key XML file need to change while configuration file reused.


Now when combining all with parameter we get Project Deployment model as shown :


    Hope you will like this post for New Features What’s new in SSIS on SQL server 2012.

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