Power BI #5 – How to Start using Power BI Preview, Introduction to Power BI preview and Informative links

Hi Folks,

Continuing from my previous post bellow ..

You can login here !


Introductory screen !


Self Guide

You can follow really nice animated message which are self guided and inbuilt for your startup analysis of  Dashboards !

You will find Retail Analysis Sample already present for you try out purpose.


There is lot of things you can try out with your sample Data !

Useful Charts and Cards


Global Maps for geographical Analysis


Natural language search


Sub report for Deep Analysis

Explore particular element in Deep

Example lets click on This year sale in Deep Analysis


It will bring out more information and undelaying report


Card Analysis


Tree Map


More Information

Now you can use this website for further reference



Informative mail

You may received welcome mail from Microsoft Power BI Team



Use following link for more information !

    If you have missed my previous Power BI Post

I will keep posting more about this, So stay tune !

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Thanks you all blogger friends source of inspiration , here are various blog links

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