Power BI – 24 July , Major Updates, Why it’s big Day, All News Link and Its General Availability Impact to world

Hi Friends,

Power BI General Availability Announcement had major impact in all industries and you can see all news spread and viral within fraction of time and it is really huge !

Lets be the part of this big change , And we know only change is constant thing in this world !

So that’s why I thought of give all latest greatest information to my user about what is happening in Power BI world, So you will not get confused with so many updates.

Lets go through here many link and understanding what every news/ post wants to tell us.

Link 1 –  Announcing Power BI general availability coming July 24th, Power BI team announcing all features of General Availability , This is major update.

Major Features , Given in this blog post by power bi team are

  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI web authoring and data exploration enhancements
  • Power BI visuals open source project
  • Power BI Content Packs are changing how you connect to data
  • Team collaboration and enhanced Excel support
  • Direct connectivity to Apache Spark
  • New Power BI mobile app for Android
  • Other features added in preview, Almost listed more than 25 under this section.

Link 2 – Over 500,000 unique users from 45,000 companies across 185 countries helped shape the new Power BI, July 10, This is really main announcement.

The most important summary of his blog is

On July 24th Power BI Desktop will exit preview and become generally available. Power BI Desktop is a free tool, downloadable from powerbi.com. While other vendors charge thousands of dollars per seat for this class of software, we prefer to make it widely and freely available ultimately resulting in far more content in Power BI, which leads to a larger and more engaged end user community.

Also this one

Open sourcing the Power BI visualization stack and visuals

Today we contributed the source code of our visualization framework and the complete collection of native visuals supported by Power BI and Power BI Desktop to the open source community under the permissive MIT license. This is not a point in time snapshot, or some set of samples. This is the actual code base we are enhancing and using inside Power BI and Power BI Desktop – the project is available today on GitHub.

Link 3 – Announcing Spark for Azure HDInsight public preview, T.K. Ranga Rengarajan , July 10

Announce about HDInsight with summary

Microsoft continues to make it easier for customers to maximize their data dividends with our data platform and services. It’s never been easier to capture, transform, mash-up, analyze and visualize any data, of any size, at any scale, in its native format using familiar tools, languages and frameworks in a trusted environment on-premises and in the cloud.

Experience interactive insight on big data today with Spark for Azure HDInsight and Power BI.


Link 4 — The Power BI app for Android is now available, July 13
Where Power BI team launching Android app


With one beautiful YouTube video here for Power BI Android app


Link 5 – Power Preview Video – Power BI – Experience your data. Any data, any way, anywhere.


Link 6 – Chris has written nice blog about announcement  Power BI Desktop As A Client Tool For SSAS Tabular, July 13 , Really like summary here !

Link 7 – Excel Power BI Road Map – Jul 12, 2015

Excel Power BI & Power Map Fundamentals


In this Video Brandon explaining following huge agenda


Link 8 – Patrick Guimonet explaining  Power BI 2.0, part 4: more on mobile apps


Link 9- Power BI Support Blog – Upcoming Power BI Windows App Changes, July 9,

Here Adam explaining about two different Power BI Apps within the Windows Store. I wanted to point out the difference between them and to indicate what will be happening


All Power BI preview users will automatically be converted to a Power BI free account even if they’ve been using Power BI Pro, however they can upgrade to the paid service at any time.

Link 10- To get all latest updated you can be part of this Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/powerbi/


And More 15 Link supporting this 24 July General Availability voice.

    Please add you own link here about this announcement so we have one home for all.
    Hope this consolidated update will help you.



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