Power BI #2 – What is Power BI Designer

Hi Friends,

In my previous post I have just given information on download link and details around power bi designer , Now Let gather some information around it! 

Power BI Designer is nothing but combination of power tool such as Power pivot, Power query, Power view and Power map. It also include Q & A analysis feature.

To get the knowledge on this you can watch my video which I have submitted with topic name Power of Power BI in 10 different analysis with conclusions – click here 


So we can do everything that we were doing in four power tool.

Giving one more view on entire component list of Power BI .


So in short Power BI Designer is nothing but

  • Tool which can work as Power Pivot , Where we can have in memory tabular data warehouse and modeling engine
  • Tool which can work as Power Query , Where we can have searching, discovering, combining, and refining external data, easy data extraction, different source for fetching data , Query Sharing and ETL Tool
  • Tool which can work as Power View , Where we can have interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation experience that encourages intuitive ad-hoc reporting
  • Tool which can work as Power Map , Where we can have geographic plotting tool for creating interactive 3D map visualizations and tours
  • Tool which can work as Power Q & A , Where we can have Instantaneous natural language querying, Q&A interprets your question, Immediately serves up the correct answer on the fly, Visualizations change dynamically as you modify the question With

Which is nothing but truly interactive experience with your data !

I will keep posting more about this, So stay tune !

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