MSBI : BI # 60 : Business Intelligence – Tools & Theory # 52 : Business Intelligence Issues and Challenges #2 : Customer Pain Points

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Series Business Intelligence – Tools & Theory

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>>Chapter 4 : Architecting the Data

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>>Chapter 6 : Data Mining Techniques

>>Chapter 7 : Introduction to Data Warehousing

>>Chapter 8 : Different Ways of Data Warehousing

>>Chapter 9 : Knowledge Management

>>Chapter 10 : Data Extraction

>>Chapter 11 : Business Intelligence Life Cycle

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>>Chapter 13 : Business Intelligence Issues and Challenges<You are here>

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We are going to Cover the Following Points in this article

  • Customer Pain Points

Customer Pain Points

You have learned the various critical BI challenges. You know that BI growth and the need for BI is driven by factors like increasing business speed, change, competitiveness and regulatory requirements. Many organizations face one or more pain points which necessitate the adoption of the BI solutions. Customer Pain Points drive the customer business. It helps to identify the customer problems and the needs that the business addresses. Some of the customer pain points are as follows:

· Sufficient Data but Lack of Insight: When there are lots of data being collected in the operational systems then the organization loses insight into the data related to the market, customer and product which could have helped the employees to run the business more effectively.

· Absence of the Big Picture: Many types of data exist in finance, sales, manufacturing and other departments, but the organization lacks a complete and consistent view of the data to assess the overall business performance.

· Having After-the-Fact Insight: Decision-makers obtain the data when it is too late to make changes. This makes the organization unable to take advantage of the upcoming opportunities and work around risks on time.

· Exporting, Formatting, Analyzing and Reporting: The lack of quality BI foundation leads the employee in the organization to export data into spreadsheets or desktop databases. Here, the report is combined, formatted, analyzed and created based on data. The employee simply cuts and pastes the reports for presentations to management and then repeats the process every time the management wants an update.

The other pain points lie in the following areas:

· Integration and interoperability with the other systems like customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning which pose a problem.

· The poor quality of data that diminishes the value of the BI initiatives.

· Spreadsheets which are still the largely used BI tool.

· Misunderstanding or ignoring the data produced by the BI tool because most of the users do not know how to analyze it.

· When there are too many reporting and analysis tools which can be used.

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