MSBI # 91 : BI # 9: Business Intelligence – Tools & Theory # 1 : Starting new series ! Introduction & Naming conventions !

Hi friends

During working hard on my Master Degree for subject Business Intelligence, I have collected and classified lots of information into simple and stable section of Business Intelligence Domain.

image imageimage

As result of this I am going start new Business Intelligence Series which will help everyone to understand Business Intelligence Field in depth.

This new series will contain 20 parts / topics and many sub parts in it.

Following is list of topic that I am going to cover for you.

Business Intelligence – Tools & Theory :
              – Business Intelligence an Introduction
              – Business Intelligence Essentials
              – Business Intelligence Types
              – Architecting the Data
              – Introduction to Data Mining
              – Data Mining Techniques
              – Introduction to Data Warehousing
              – Different Ways of Data Warehousing
              – Knowledge Management
              – Data Extraction
              – Business Intelligence Life Cycle
              – Business Intelligence User Model
              – Business Intelligence Issues and Challenges
              – Business Intelligence Strategy and Roadmap
              – Implementing Business Intelligence
              – Business Intelligence Collaboration
              – Business Intelligence Automation
              – Business Intelligence Analytics
              – Business Intelligence Software and Tools
              – Relation of Business Intelligence & World

If any time in between series if you have missed any post you will definitely have some backlink to our previous post. image

Now lets try and understand how I am going to proceed with naming convention for this series.

How to identify series post OR Where you are by just looking at blog post name !

Just take simple example of following heading of blog heading

MSBI #102 : BI #65 : Business Intelligence – Tools & Theory #13 :  Data Mining Techniques #6 : Genetic Algorithms #3 : Neural Network versus Conventional Computers #2

I know above heading is bit complex but believe me once we are used to of it we will always be on right track OR always know what going on currently and what I have missed.

Following is decoding of above blog heading

  • MSBI #102 : This is part of all heading under my MS BI stack
  • BI #65 : This is Business Intelligence in general differentiator 
  • Business Intelligence – Tools & Theory #13 :  The main series what we are starting.
  • Data Mining Techniques #6 : This chapter or Part with completion identification number
  • Genetic Algorithms #3 : This Sub Topic or Chapter Under above topic
  • Neural Network versus Conventional Computers #2 : Low level of Division for above
  • As Business Intelligence lets try to general graphically represent above heading for this series  in terms of chart format as shown below

With example as bellow


Hope you will like this series !

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Happy Learning and Sharing !!

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9 thoughts on “MSBI # 91 : BI # 9: Business Intelligence – Tools & Theory # 1 : Starting new series ! Introduction & Naming conventions !

  1. Yes , You can just put your email in subscribe me and confirm your email ID .. All you will get instant update of this blog.
    I am glad you like all of this.
    I am creating master index page for all of this BI Tool series . i will update you accordingly

  2. Hey Man you are doing a great job. This series of BI- Tools & Theory will help a lot to beginners like me. One help please I m not getting started BI-Tools & Theory from start i.e. not getting it from first page. And please tell me how to subscribe your posts so that I can get the updated posts please.

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