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  • Advanced/Emerging BI Technologies

Advanced/Emerging BI Technologies

The business intelligence continues to advance today as the vendor‟s offer more powerful and innovative solutions. With all the changes the idea of BI systems remains the same which is timely, accurate, high-value, and actionable insights. The new capabilities serve the simple goals in one way or the other. Some of the advances taking place today are taking the current capabilities and making them better so that more powerful graphic representations of data is available. The evolution of the BI is happening along a broad front with the technology growing more powerful more meaningful, and capable of putting the business insights into the hands of more people.

In a BI environment, the vendors are always coming out with new tools, but there is no guarantee that the latest thing can help the company with their business problems.

Some of the areas where the research is growing rapidly belong to the following general categories:

§ Visualization: The BI software can make the information more usable by using visualization techniques. Visualization refers to presenting the numbers, the statistics, the metrics and others that lacks a graphical format which will be easier to understand and interpret.

§ Guided analysis: The BI tools with the guided-analysis features may have the process wizards that guide the users from step to step, or set up event alerts that will monitor the system or the user’s activity and will only offer help when it is required. When a particular trigger conditions are met, the user is alerted and the guided-analysis tools will help to direct the user on how to progress. An interactive, target-oriented BI will have to answer a particular set of questions in a structured way, telling certain actions which will be based on the user’s input and analysis.

§ Data mining: Data mining is all about examining the oceans of pail business data to find useful insights about the past that can act as a guide to the future including the needle which is really needed from a huge stack of needles. The data that used to need an entire storage room full of documents can be now digitally given and put on a few square millimeters of magnetic tape or a hard drive.

§ Unstructured data tools: With the unstructured data tools the irregular data can be turned into business insights with the search and indexing capabilities for the hard-to-quantity information formats.

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