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Founded in 1993, Panorama Software is the original developer of the OLAP technology that was acquired my Microsoft in 1996, which was rebranded as SQL Server Analysis Services and integrated into the SQL Server platform. Since that sale, Panorama has been a close and strategic Microsoft partner, delivering the only Business Intelligence application that is specifically designed for the Microsoft platform.

Panorama Necto seamlessly integrates with SharePoint and empowers the platform with a Social Decision Making layer. By connecting structured data from Analysis Services and unstructured data from SharePoint, Necto adds additional value to the Microsoft stack. Necto is also available on Microsoft Azure and is optimized for the Denali platform, supporting both OLAP and BISM modes.

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Panorama Necto integrates features and functionality that give enterprise users control over how they use business intelligence, connects them to data, people and insights, and makes insights contextual, relevant, and connected.

  • Self Service interface is designed by business users and for business users. This reduces IT involvement in the day-to-day use, enabling those resources to focus on deployment and administration rather than generating reports. With user-oriented design and capabilities, business users can easily create their own views, reports, links, and analysis frameworks. Necto’s automated processes and collaboration tools also enable users to continuously expand their usage and insight, simply by interacting consistently with the solution. Ultimately, user focus shifts from sorting data and viewing reports to generating insight and driving productivity
  • Workboards are the next generation of Dashboards that are Social, Dynamic and suggestive. They enable users to create interactive, collaborative and personalized dashboards that offer a quick view of the business health and trend lines, based on a powerful customizable KPI functions, grids and other customizable components.
  • Social Decision Making capabilities enable collaboration on a specific report, KPI, chart, all the way to a single data cell, inside the BI system. Users can initiate, conduct and track conversations without leaving the application, empowering true collaboration and allowing organizations to build their corporate intelligence.
  • Visualization includes a variety of chart types and visual presentations to enable data viewing in images rather than grids. Advanced visualization features (including treemaps) enhance the user’s perception and enable easily to illustrate data and business insights.
  • Powerful search enables users to intuitively search for people, insights, context, and content without knowing the particular data structure.
  • Intelligent BI Engine, scalable to support tens of thousands of users and terabytes of data, is the heart of the Necto system. It learns and understands a user’s behavior so it can generate the right insights from the data, place them into the right context, and deliver them automatically for analysis and decision making.
  • MS SharePoint Integration – Necto can also integrate seamlessly with SharePoint It allows SharePoint to include Necto and Necto components as elements that can be used (and re-used) based on context. It also allows Social Decision Making for its users through SharePoint integration and the Social capabilities of Necto. Necto enhances SharePoint collaboration framework with Necto social BI capabilities, allowing greater collaboration of organizational data and insights. SharePoint users can now collaborate on various dashboards and reports within Necto while still working in their SharePoint environment.
  • Mobile BI capabilities offered by Necto supports all platforms, including all desktops (Mac and PC), Tablets and smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows 7 and 8). Necto Mobile creates the same self-service and intuitive user experience throughout all desktop and mobile platforms utilizing advanced virtualization technologies.

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