Now Experience The Power of “Power BI”, New Microsoft BI Suite Announced !

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In this article we are going to cover

  • Power Query
  • Power Map
  • Power Pivot
  • Power View

Power BI sites, dedicated collaborative BI workspaces in Office 365 for sharing data and insights with colleagues. The Power BI sites also keep customers’ data up to date with connectivity and data refresh back to their on premise data sources.

New natural language query capabilities that allow customers to ask questions and get answers. They simply type their question into a dialog box and the system interprets and automatically generates interactive charts and graphs based on available data.

Connected BI experience, dedicated native apps for Windows 8, Windows RT and iPad to stay connected with your reports and data wherever you are as well as HTML5 support for browser based viewing on any device.

Power Query

Download Power Query. 

Formerly known as “Data Explorer”, this add-in for Excel 2013 allows you to discover and integrate data into Excel.  Think of it as intelligent, personal ETL with specialized tools to pivot, transform and cleanse data obtained from web-based HTML tables and data feeds.


Power Map

Download Power Map. 

This Excel 2013 ProPlus add-in, which was previously known as “GeoFlow”, uses advanced 3-D imaging to plot data points on a global rendering of Bing Maps.  Each data point can be visualized as a column, stacked column or heat map point positioned using latitude & longitude, named map location or address just like you would in a Bing Maps search.  You can plot literally thousands of points and then tour the map with the keyboard, mouse or touch gestures to zoom and navigate the globe.  A tour can be created, recorded and then played back.  Aside from the immediate cool factor of this imagery, this tool has many practical applications.

I have already write post on it , If you have missed below are link :

  • Announcing GeoFlow Preview for Excel 2013–Introduction and Download
  • Power Pivot

    The be reveal is that “PowerPivot” shall now be known as “Power Pivot”.  Note, the space added so that the name is consistent with the other applications.  We all know and love this tool, an add-in for Excel 2010 and Excel 2013 ProPlus (two different versions with some different features) that allow large volumes of related, multi-table data sources to be imported into an in-memory semantic model with sophisticated calculations.


On a well-equipped computer, this means that a model could contain tens of millions of rows that get neatly compressed into memory and can be scanned, queried and aggregated very quickly.  Power Pivot models (stored as an Excel .xlsx file) can be uploaded to a SharePoint where they become a server-managed resource.  A Power Pivot model can also be promoted to a server-hosted SSAS Tabular model where data is not only managed and queried on an enterprise server but also takes on many of the features and capabilities of classic SSAS multidimensional database.  Whether a Power Pivot model is published to a SharePoint library or promoted to a full-fledged SSAS Tabular model, the data can be queried by any client tool as if it were an Analysis Services cube.

  • MSBI # 39 – PowerPivot #1 – Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot
  • MS BI # 85 – PowerPivot #2 – Download , Install , Connect to SQL Server and Getting Started
  • Power View

    For now, Power View in Excel 2013 ProPlus and Power View in SharePoint 2010 Enterprise and SharePoint 2013 Enterprise remain the same – the Silverlight-based drag-and-drop visual analytic tool.  With the addition of SQL Server 2012 CU4, Power View in SharePoint can be used with SharePoint published Power Pivot models, SSAS Tabular models and SSAS Multidimensional “cube” models.  There has been no news yet about a non-Silverlight replacement for the on-premise version of Power View.  The Microsoft teams and leadership have heard the requests and feedback, loud-and-clear, from the community and we can only guess that there is more is in-the-works but I make no forecast or assumptions about the eventual availability of an on-premise offering similar to Power BI for Office 365.

    Power View add-in in Excel 2013 ProPlus:


Mobile UI/portal:image

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