List of Monthly post of MS BI,SQL & Link Blog – June 2012 And Thanks to Pinal and Jacob

Hi Friends,

This post is representing article, post , Update, and Information from three blog in imagefor last one month – June  2012 or In short my thought for this last month.

Today I am really upset by looking number of post i have written for this month. Anyways its really hard to say what exactly is stopping me Or is there some other reason.

But there is always new day and new hope at every moment !!

Really wanted to deep dive and invest more time on blogging but getting recognition for blogging is one of the most etching though in my head because “Does every thing worth i am doing ? ” My Answer   – “I don’t know because when i have started blog i have not think of this ” so i will be continuing my blogging.

But really thanks to Pinal Dave and Jacob Sebastian.(I don’t know they will ever read this post but really thanks for all your helping Hands ! )

Your one mail that day is enough for me now to get refresh and recharge again for start again and really start new beginning.

I am bit sorry to all for stopping my work due to noisy thought in my brain but now I am recharge and will be focused from on words.

Thanks to my reader still showing same response on website stat. Also i have made only one Century on my BI SQL 100th Post , Wondering how Sachin made 100 in 100 times. Will Try for that also with really aiming high .

Still wanted to include my few links on this months :

Following is list of monthly post in month June – 2012

Following are link of BI Mentalist Blog(this Blog)

Mentalist Network_thumb[7]

Following are link of my SQL Server Mentalist Blog for all SQL Server information


Following are link of Link Resource i.e Link Mentalist Blog



    Still waiting for lot Opportunities , Reply and Getting Recognition.
    Keep Smiling and Keep your Health perfect , Take Care !

Hope this helps !!

Those who have not ye subscribe my Blog yet they can subscribe it !So that I can post you @ real time and all sort of knowledge in your mail without Zero spamming !!

Happy Learning and Sharing !!

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