MSBI # 31 – MDS #1 – Lets have an introduction to Master Data Services(MDS)

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From this post we have series MDS i.e Master Data Services

Lets get loaded with this not new but hot topic in current world.

As for MDS I am mostly referring the E-Book Which is freely available on solidQ


What is Microsoft Master Data Services?

Master Data Service in this name explains everything master data which means it’s a data management where we collect,gather and simplify daily used data form unified and structured data for it is to use and having no error in system.

Let me explain one more , Master Data Management (MDM) broadly refers to the tools and processes that manage the non-transactional data of an organization. Some good examples of “master data” are customer records or a product numbers. A Master Data Management program around customer records would outline the processes, standards, and checks to ensure that customer records are accurate and complete as defined by the business

Master Data Services Benefits:

  • Get a single version of the truth
  • Improve reporting consistency
  • Simplify the user experience with Web-based access
  • Reduce IT expense , process time by giving people direct,secure access to master data
  • Improve data quality across the enterprise
  • Flexibly add new data, systems, and applications

Master Data Services Features:

  • Master data hub that provides central management of master data entities and hierarchies
  • Thin-client stewardship portal that provides secure, role-based Web access to master data
  • Versioning of all data entities and hierarchies
  • Human workflow that notifies assigned owners by e-mail of business rule violations
  • Flexible and extensible business rules that safeguard the quality of data entered in the
    Master data hub
  • Support for a broad range of hierarchy and attribute management strategies and requirements
  • Comprehensive role-based security model that enables fine-grained, secure access to master data

Some FAQs as they are explained in MSDN White Paper

Q1:What is the ship vehicle for Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services?
Ans:Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services will ship as part of SQL Server 2008 R2

Q2:Will I be able to purchase SQL Server MDS as a standalone technology?
Ans:No, MDS will ship as part of SQL Server 2008 R2 and customers will need to purchase a SQL Server 2008 R2 license to access MDS capabilities.

Q3:I am considering purchasing SQL Server 2008 with Software Assurance (SA). Will I get the MDS capabilities shipping in SQL Server 2008 R2?
Ans:Yes, customers purchasing SQL Server 2008 with SA will be eligible to receive the new capabilities shipping SQL Server 2008 R2 at no additional cost.

Q4:How will SQL Server MDS will be licensed and priced?
Ans:We are still working through licensing & packaging details and at this point in time are not making any announcements on editions, licensing or specific feature differentiation for SQL Server 2008 R2.


Q5:Will I need to purchase SharePoint Server to use Master Data Services (MDS)?
Ans:No, MDS shipping as part of SQL Server 2008 R2 will not include a dependency on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

Following figure represents the MDS Hub, processes in the Hub, and connections to outer systems, to data sources and destinations, graphically


Where model consist of

  1. Entities- which map to real world entities, or DW dimensions
  2. Attributes- part of entities, containers for entity properties
  3. Members- part of entities, which we can consider as rows in entity table
  4. Hierarchies, also defined as entities, that group members in a tree structure
  5. Collections- which give possibility to users to create ad-hoc groups of hierarchies
    and members.

Following is just home page for Master Data Service


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