Microsoft Small Basic for Learners and to Continue Learning !!


As searching and research day by day I surprise to find something which is really new and interesting. Todays I just found out this Learning Website from MS for new babies and very useful  to get hands on for any programming language who are very new towards development world 

Following is snap to grab attention for you or your new Lerner friend,Kid or anyone !!!


So, to get started, visit the Small Basic site.

Here are my few more links:

Download Small Basic
– Read the Getting Started Guide in PDF, Word, or online, or use the online Small Basic Curriculum, which provides separate lessons, just like a classroom. They are pretty similar, so if you like learning by reading a book, use the Getting Started Guide. If you like learning via lessons, use the online Small Basic Curriculum
– If you need help, there is a forum to post questions or read answers to questions others have posted
– The Reference Documentation describes the syntax of all the commands
– When you write a program that you want to share, you can easily upload your code to the Internet. Others can then view your code and run your program (either within Small Basic or on the Small Basic website – see example). See the lesson on how to do this
– Check out these “recipes“, which are free lessons to learn more about Small Basic. Developed by Teach Kids Programming
– On YouTube there are many tutorials
– You can find greatly expanded tutorials for purchase as Computer Science For Kids
– Free Small Basic E-Books: The Developer’s Reference Guide to Small Basic, Beginning Microsoft Small Basic, Basic Computer Games Small Basic Edition
– There is a facebook page and a blog

Hope this helps !!

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4 thoughts on “Microsoft Small Basic for Learners and to Continue Learning !!

  1. @Sanika : Thanks for visiting blog and comment .
    @christyh :I am glad u get time to visit others blogs too !! I am not great blogger as you !! But Frankaly this is first time i post non technical stuff i got nice responce from you dear
    also i m sure u wont get any other stuff on my site 🙂

  2. What a great and helpful post, Vishal! There are many people out there who don’t know how to operate some or all of the Microsoft products, so this will definitely help!

    Thanks so much for putting this post together and guiding us all through each step!

    Great post! 🙂

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