MSBI # 4– SSRS # 1- What is SSRS ? – (SQL Server Reporting Services)

SSRS Stands for SQL Server Reporting Services

Future of SSRS

  • SSRS is Reporting Tool From MS for really ease of Developing any type of report
  • It provides a unified, server-based, extensible, and scalable platform from which to deliver and present information.
  • Its scope extends from traditional paper reports to web-based delivery and interactive content.
  • SSRS can also be configured to deliver reports to peoples’ inboxes, file shares, and so on. SSRS is capable of generating reports in various formats, such as the web-oriented Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and desktop application (Microsoft Excel and CSV) formats, thus allowing users to manipulate their data in whatever format is required.
  • SharePoint can be used as a front end for SSRS, allowing reports to be presented directly in corporate portals.

SSRS Example


History of SSRS

  • Originally Released in 2004 as a web release for SQL Server
    • Included as part of the product in SQL Server 2005 with
    many enhancements
                    – Report Models and Report Builder
                    – Multi-Valued Parameters
                    – Printing Support
    • Enhanced again for inclusion in the SQL Server 2008 release
                    – New “Tablix” implementation of report elements
                    – Inclusion of Dundas charting and gauge compon
    SSRS Databases

• ReportServer
– Stores all the reporting services assets
– Reports
– Datasources
– Security
– Snapshots & Histories
– Schedules & Subscriptions
• ReportServerTempDB
– Stores temporary “Intermediate Reports”
• Sizes of the DBs depends on
– Number of Reports
– Execution Properties

What we are going to Cover

In upcoming all SSRS related tutorial we will have all the aspect of SSRS 

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