MSBI #3– SSIS # 1- What is SSIS ? – (SQL Server Integration Services)

SSIS is stands for SQL Server Integration Services

According to me SSIS is basic block of building any BI application which should be have three P’s-Pure,Perfect,Painless.

It is ETL-(Extract,Transform and Load )Tool form Microsoft based on SQL and Own existing platform.


ETL is the process in database usage, specially in Dataware house that evolves getting data from different sources (Extract) , performing manipulation operations as per business need (Transformation) and saving on destination database (loading).

SSIS is replacement of DTS in SQL Server 2005. SSIS introduced “Business Intelligence (BI) tool“, which is development IDE and installed automatically by SQL Server 2005 in Visual Studio 2005. Thus BI tool gives the advantage of Visual Studio development tools for DTS.

SSIS itself made of so many things some are listed as below

SSIS Is Consist of packages and packages has following feature :

The “Package” is the basic unit of work
• An SSIS package is XML
– File system or SQL Server storage
• SQL Agent used for scheduling
• Standalone component
• Integrates well with rest of SQL Serve

Following are must read articles for understanding Introductory

We will have Detailed description for each aspect of SSIS

Todays Link Resource Link for all my readers:

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Hope this helps !!!!

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