All available Resource, tools & links for Team Foundation Server 2010


HI dear reader just wanted to give you all linkage and available resource of Team Foundation Server

Check-In Policy

As Project Manager, you need to track the time spent on a specific task, this check-in policy is for you.


Your TFS project contains so many builds, this tool enable you to create folders in the Build Explorer.

You need to execute Maven 2 and Ant builds on your build server. Takes advantage of JUnit tests results.


New process template : Scrum.

Specs & Modeling

Spec Explorer is a visual tool for modeling software behavior and generating test suites from those models

Extension of the Spec Explorer, adding sequence diagram.

Installation & connection
Articles & Guides

Visual Studio Gallery

MSDN Team System Home

Team System Downloads

TFS Virtual Image

– This image contains a full TFS installation as well as Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite.

TFS Power Tools

– Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition Power Tools

TFS MSDN Library

Make Basic Customizations to a Work Item Type (Also Includes How To add a Custom State)

MSDN Forums

Developer Support Team


Some interesting blogs:

From Various PPT


Hope this will help !!

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