You can ask me anything Related to Business Intelligence Lets Go live !!

12 thoughts on “Live

  1. Hey Raghu go with flow and learn both i will say MVC and MSBI both are actually golden combination in MSBI-SSIS-Script task you required MVC, If know both you are always next to everyone , MS BI is very easy in front of .net MVC , For career growth you will need both aas evey project really required both so try understanding both. Though i know MS BI , I always feel need learn .net mvc but my project does not give me opportunity,I will say if you have it learn it ! Best of luck. Try doing short demo in MSBI you will be master soon and in parallel as home study learn more about MVC

  2. Hai Vishal,My name is Raghu.present i’m working in .net one of the project I was shifted to msbi.Could you please tell me which is good for career growth.really am interested in mvc as well as msbi also.I am fully dailoma.please tell me your suggestion.
    thank you.

  3. Hi Vishal,

    Thank you very much for sharing your expertise in BI tools. I have worked on SSIS for more than year now. I want to go for certifications, please advice.


  4. Hello Vishal,

    Thank you for this excellent resource for all BI stuff.

    This is very useful for everyone who are looking for new things in MSBI, want to learn MSBI and wish to make career in MSBI.

    I think your blog covers every aspect of MSBI Stack, in a very detailed manner.

    We hope that you will continue exploring MSBI thru this channel.

    Expecting more, more and more from you!

    Good luck

  5. Hi Vishal,

    Firstly i would like to thank you(i mean a lot) for being posting your posts every week.
    I am the one who is starting my career in BI, learned the concepts of MSBI from your blog very easily, I look forward to read more articles posted by you.

  6. Yes Manoj i am going to update post as i am getting time dear. Till that just subscribe my blog if you like my post to Stay updated with remaing post on SSIS
    Thnak You !!

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for your suggestion…You are posting SSIS docs daily but i found only 17. Will you upload rest of them afterwards?

    Thanks for your guidance…..

  8. Hey Hi Dear Manoj ,
    It’s really great you are taking interest in MSBI one thing i would like to tell you opportunity here is really great n will fly your carrier i am sure about this !!
    Just Simple few Things you have to do if you really interesting in this
    1.Be frequent visitor to Lots of MSBI Blogger
    2.Watch lots of video available online for every Technology(After Downloading them using Orbit )
    3.Dont Start with SSAS at Start .. Do SSIS and SSRS parallel
    4.Do the Practical More rather Than theory
    5.I have Given 101 SSIS Mentalist Link Book which is covering every aspects of SSIS As practice knowledge as following link : 101 SSIS link Mentalist Book
    6.For every introductory you can visit my website all respective tabs such As SSIS,SSRS,SSAS(I will sooner update lots of link for you)
    7.Just Subscribe blog Link Resource Mentalist-> Link Resource Mentalist for all update and Daily useful link on your mail related to BI and other word to stay tuned in competitive world

    Hope this helps !!
    Still if you are confused you are most welcome buddy !!
    And just keeping your mail Secretly 🙂

  9. Hello,
    I am very new to MSBI. But i have heard a lot about this effective tool. I want to learn this tool completely. Can you please guide me from where shall i start, as i am fresher for this tool. And if possible can you please give me complete detail (document) about SSIS, SSAS and SSRS starting from basics.

    Thanks and Regards
    Mailid- manoj.****

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