2015 in review–BI,SQL Blog and Power BI (About me) , Happy New Year 2016

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Happy New year to all my readers and subscribers


Here are updates from 2015, Today everything is about me ..Smile

Post will cover 2015 year update from

  • BI blog
  • SQL Blog
  • My SlideShare updates
  • Power BI (Everything about this year was actually around this )
  • LinkedIn Updates

BI blog – https://bimentalist.com/

The Word Press.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for my blog –


Some interesting facts about BI Blog


Most interesting – 143 Country and 41,000 views


Pervious year review

SQL Blog – http://sqlmentalist.com/


Some facts

Only 3 new post 2015 as compare to 68 in 2014, But 18000 views from 148 countries –image

Previous year update –2014,2013,2012,2011

Slide share updates

14 Slide and total viewed 22,000


Power BI (Everything about 2015 was around this )

Power BI was my main aim to learn and share knowledge to world.

While I was learning Power BI , I really find very interesting and like minded people from globe. We form together Global Platform for knowledge sharing – “Global & Virtual Power BI User Group“

I must say here again “Finding Power BI Leaders is too hard even hard as finding diamond in mine”, But there reply response ,enthusiasm and work is truly awesome.

Here are all details about group

Without following people this User Group would never build up so fast.


Additionally, special thanks to Adam Saxton for his initial support, guidance and direction, I cannot imagine this group without him, Click here to see awesome introduction from him on Global Power BI User Group, a couple of weeks ago.

Visit latest blog from Jan for get more details what we are doing right now –http://blog.janmulkens.be/global-virtual-power-bi-user-group/

Some updates on community website –


This year was outstanding era for Power BI, I have seen growth and acceptance of Power BI Product universally, I created small introductory free course for Power BI on Udemy

Introducing free Power BI tutorial “Learn Power BI Basics for Free”


This course really have touch lot of student than I have ever thought.

Interesting fact – 102 Country and 1629 active student


LinkedIn Post Updates


Once again Thanks for all your support, comments, wishes, likes following my blogs.

My readers and viewers/visitors are my real strength.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart My Guru – Shree Sadguru Bramha Chaitanya Godawalekar Maharaj , Who engorges , directs and motivates all time in my life.

Last but not least thanks to Aai and Tatya, Sonal (Also my bundle of joy Raghav)

||  Shree Ram Samarth ||


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