Introducing free Power BI tutorial “Learn Power BI Basics for Free”

Hi Friends,

Thank you for giving me the huge response on the Power BI LinkedIn analysis post.

Your support encourages and strengthen me to give more to community. My father always said this to me from childhood “ज्ञान  दिल्याने ज्ञान वाढते ! “, meaning “Sharing knowledge is a way to increase your knowledge“, So I have been abiding by these words of wisdom all along.


Also read this full story also on LinkedIn this link.

I started blogging in 2009 on some technical blogging sites, and eventually I now have my own blogging sites which are as follows: – SQL ( and BI (

Lately I have been intrigued with the new powerful analytics Microsoft tool called “Power BI” I did some research and I am in the process of developing a free tutorial about this sophisticated tool.

So introducing you free tutorial Learn Power BI Basics for Free” on Udemy

After long time I am planning to create this free course where everyone can access and learn Power BI, This tutorial is not yet 100 % Complete as Power BI itself is dynamic in nature, I will be posting my teaching videos one  by one.

The most interesting fact to share here – The day when I upload this Power BI free tutorial  got 350+ Student in just 2 days, Yes Really in Just TWO days and subscribers are from 56 different countries without sharing any link or any publicity of tutorial, This is actually very first time i am publishing this course.

Some real fact from Udemy dashboard –

Today Fact as of now 10 / 25 / 2015UdemyFacts

Please enjoy this free course with downloadable presentation and live update and link resource and many more, also try sharing with your communities and friends.

This tutorial contains following chapter

  • Introduction to Course
  • Introduction to Power BI and all Its Components
  • How to download and installation Component of Power BI

Upcoming Chapter

  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Service Online.
  • Power BI Gateways
  • PowerPivot
  • PowerQuery
  • PowerView
  • PowerMap
  • Power BI – Q&A
  • Power BI Mashup

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Course

What you will learn in first Chapter ?

  • Which are most five important words in world?
  • Why Data looks Complex and Beyond our understanding?
  • Why Power BI will solve our problem?


Also covers three important point before start learning this course

  • Power BI tool is Free!
  • Everyone should know Power BI Tools as tool is Fast, Simple, Easy and Free!
  • Course Sign up and further update is completely free!

Chapter 2 – Introduction to Power BI and all Its Components

Chapter 3 – How to download and installation Component of Power BI

This is most important chapter those who are new to Power BI, As all installation i have just cover in three simple steps

In this chapter at end i have publish most important link resource

Additionally I have also added few bonus session such as

Power of Power BI in 10 different analyses with conclusions :

This video is actually my submission to Microsoft Power BI contest, almost a year back, which covers how to Extract, Transform, Load, and Analysis and Visualize Microsoft Power BI through PowerView, PowerQuery, PowerPivot and PowerMap using my different favorite Top 10 Analysis with conclusion in just 10 minutes, this various Analysis is as follows :

1. Stored EBook’s Analysis
2. Time Utilization Analysis
3. Weight Loss options Analysis
4. All Connection Analysis (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pass and Office contact)
5. Internet keyword Marketing Analysis
6. Money Spending Analysis
7. Location, Graph and Map Analysis
8. Phone Contact Analysis
9. Database Infrastructure Analysis
10.Big Data & Wikipedia Analysis

Next i am going to start covering following chapter on my way !

All of these Power BI component i am going to cover in 12 Simple steps –

Please let me know , I really want to here from you what else you want in this session , as this all of session is really for you to learn Power BI  !

All your question, comment, feedback and enhancement are really welcome !

Thank You,

Vishal Pawar

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