I Will be Speaking at the First GroupBy Conference–Power BI

A few month ago Brent Ozar publish his “crazy idea” for doing a free online conference that he has named “GroupBy”, Even group logo selection was epic voting !

I’m happy to say that session was picked for speaking among 42 other session, I truly believe all 42 session were really good and may come in next conference too.

The day I launch Global Power User Group I had dream of having Power BI online Global Conference, Brent just shown me way how to do it ! Really thank to Brent.

One more interesting which I would like to point that there is real need and hunger to Learn and Get through Power BI as this session stand out as equal as with other SQL and PowerShell, hats of to all supporter and voters!

Last but not least there are 1500+ people register for this event , So will be my first biggest event for online for session and I will be presenting live with Video camera, yes Brent make every one compulsory to have live camera, It will be real fun too  !

Here’s the full list of sessions that the community picked:

    I will posting all session material and details soon, So stay tune !

Note – This Post was inspired from Aaron Nelson‘s , Even some content I have copy paste as is !

My Session

Power BI Dashboard in an Hour with Various Examples with Vishal Pawar


Target Audience:

Useful for Develops and DBA those who want to know what is Power BI and How we can utilize various features.

Also session will be useful for anyone who wants learn Power BI from basic.


In this session, We will walk through various features of Power BI, How Power BI can transform your company’s data into rich visuals and Easy yet powerful Analytics solutions for your whole organization.

At end of session with following Power BI Dashboard example

  • sp_Blitz in Dashboard
  • SQL Server Info Dashboard
  • Twitter Dashboard
  • World Dashboard

Most important takeaways from session –

  • You will be learning basics of Power BI with the additional perk of analyzing sp_Blitz in Power BI.
  • Various features of Power BI making you from ZERO to HERO
  • After this session, you will be able to analyze data into Power BI


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