Power BI Desktop – Live Twitter Dashboard with Zero Coding, Showcase on #SAUPO 2016

Hi friends,

First, you all welcome to SAUPO Event ! , In this event, I am presenting How to create Power BI Twitter Dashboard without coding anything and Various features of Power BI through various various world data dashboard.



I have build the below live twitter dashboard for the SAUPO 2016 event, I am really happy to share all details about it!, With actual file and presentation to make this work in live activities during any event.

Note  – This process does not include any coding ! [ZERO Coding ..]

You can use  https://goo.gl/kE0qJ3

Twitter handle details – #SAUPO

Dashboard Usage  –

  • Number of twits for #SAUPO with user details and text
  • Live Q&A can be visualize on this dashboard for #SAUPO 2016
  • Filter for all user and specific text 
  • Separating Re-twitte and actual twittes
  • All aggregation on right hand side and filter on left hand said with analytics on center

Live twitter Dashboard


Download all following file on my one drive  https://goo.gl/ijeGQ6

Develop your own live twitter dashboard in following 4 step

  • Step 1 – Identify twitter handler, example #SAUPO
  • Step 2 – Create recipe in IFTTT to store twitter data into Google sheet
  • Step 3 – Publish Google sheet as web
  • Step 4 – Use web as source in Power BI
    Following picture is worth explaining everything at glance


Lets go step by step now –

Step 1 – Identify your own twitter hash tag

For SAUPO 2016 event I have chosen #SAUPO as my main twitter hash tag to analyze all activity

twitter – #SAUPO



What is SAUPO ?

The Asian Studies Program at Kennesaw State University (KSU) presents the next Symposium on ASIA-USA Partnership Opportunities (SAUPO), to be held on Friday April 22, 2016 at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center. As the largest Asia business conference in the U.S., SAUPO provides opportunities for information exchange, network building, global visibility and investment to/from Asia. About 350 attendees from the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Africa will participate. You may find participant companies/organizations here for 2011, 2013, 2014, and2015. The SAUPO Planning Committee and KSU Asian Studies Advisory Board welcome your participation! Please review 2016 Detailed SAUPO Program here, And click here to see complete agenda.

Step 2 – Create recipe in IFTTT to store twitter data into Google sheet

Go to https://ifttt.com, Open account and browse recipe 35787885

What is IFTTT ?






IFTTT can integrate following –


This recipe is run almost 182 time from April 13


Step 3 – Publish Google sheet as web

All twittes related to #SAUPO hashtag get stored into google sheet in following format


Publish this Google sheet as Web, Get URL which will be source for Power BI


Step 4 – Use web as source in Power BI

Use Webs as source


Note if you are trying to use same Power BI Desktop file only edit source part

Additionally – I have automated using windows job scheduler and  screen macro which will update data in evey 5 min and upload Power BI Data on Power BI Web/cloud.

So everyone in event was actually utilizing this dashboard heavily via shareable link  – goo.gl/kE0qJ3

You can even play with this dashboard here –



Few clicks from SAUPO 2016 event –





This dashboard was live showcase on big projector on whole day in SAUPO 2016 event in front of 350 + event attendees.


Once again Thanks for all your support, comments, wishes, likes following my blogs.

My readers and viewers/visitors are my real strength.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart My Guru – Shree Sadguru Bramha Chaitanya Godawalekar Maharaj , Who engorges , directs and motivates all time in my life.

Last but not least thanks to Aai and Tatya, Sonal (Also my little bundle of joy Raghav)

||  Shree Ram Samarth ||


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