Starting again where I left ..With same Enthusiasm .. Blogging & Knowledge Sharing Again and again..!

Hi All,

Due to carrier and multiple location shift from country to country and state to state I was not able to blog from last few month, but my Enthusiasm towards Microsoft business intelligence and SQL Server world is still intact and untouchable.

This is really not technical blog , So be patient until I publish next technical blog sooner.

Almost missed my reader, commenters and bloggers friends,So here I am starting my blog again.


There is lot to catch , lot to explain but we all limited with time and space..

Few updates about fast few month ..

Before joining this is last interesting thing I have done In Power BI Space, Go and see the video if you have missed Thank you again to all my friend who supported me in this event.


In May 14 I moved to Michigan, Southfield where I polished my skills again more leaning towards data ware house, Now currently in Atlanta learning and understating more in SQL Server 2014, MS BI and Power BI world.

Following are few Facebook link to quick recap ..

    I will start my blogs this time with my new freedom of writing style and with plenty of example,video and image.
    Thank you to Shree Brahm Chaitanya Sadguru Maharaj to giving me strength,Knowledge and courage to stand again.
    Thanks to Aai and Tatya , Last but not least Sonal to support me throughout my journey and life.

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