Lunching INFOGRAPHICS Mentalist – New face of knowledge sharing –New Blog , Under Mentalist Hood , Image worth explaining 100’s of Words !

Hi all ,

We all know Images are worth explanation of thousands words.

I have been working on infographics world from last 8 month and now I have enough knowledge to share with you all.


After researching and developing , Collecting lots of infographics I have decided to create blog on infographics domain.

On this blog I will daily post One or Two infographics of any topics like general or  Technical .

Till now I have posted 10 info graphics of different topics as below.

Please do subscribe this blog if you like concept behind it for further blog post and information!

Following are last 10 post on Infographics Mentalist Blog

    Click on any link to see exactly what nice explanation it contains !




After every 10 Info Graphics I will do share all in BI Blog too.

Please share you comment on this Idea.

Hope you will surely like this subscribe my Info Graphics Blog soon!!

Those who have not ye subscribe my Blog yet they can subscribe it !So that I can post you @ real time and all sort of knowledge in your mail without Zero spamming !!

Happy Learning and Sharing !!

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