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We have already talked about Big Data if you have missed any of post :

This article just picture blog post for Microsoft Big Data .

All the images are self explanatory so I will not add mine If you are more interested in any of following stuff please click on any of image , Which will redirect you to Microsoft Big Data website



Following are reference from Microsoft Big Data website

As Data increasing in following three ways : Volume, Velocity and Varity







Enables you to unleash actionable insight from your data
Without the right tools, your company is adrift in a sea of data. You need the ability to unleash the wave of new value made possible by Big Data. Microsoft’s Big Data solution
gives you the power to manage virtually any data, regardless of size or location; add value to your data by enriching it with external input; and enable anyone in your organization to easily glean insight from your data so they can make smarter decisions. This is the power of Microsoft Big Data.

Additional Information
Get more information on Microsoft’s Big Data solution:
Download Developer Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Microsoft HDInsight Server:
Download the Microsoft SQL Server Connector for Apache Hadoop:

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