MS BI #78 : ALL Microsoft Technology with Infographics #1 : Introduction

imageHi Friends

At last I am ready to announce and start with another brand new and most informative series -  ALL Microsoft Technology Infographics.

In this article I have mostly completed, How I have achieve this and what exactly will be in this series for ,y all user and how it going to use for this all.

In this article we are going to covering information related to series in following points

  • How I have Started with Infographics
  • Complete Infographics Technology List
  • Logo for all technologies
  • Contents of Microsoft Technology Infographics
  • Features of Infographics

How I have Started with Infographics Series

imageInfographics is one of the very effective way to represent any Information in all audience in very effective and easy way.

When we talk about BI -  Business Intelligence , It is nothing but how efficiently you represent your data to understand complex logic in simple format using all resource we have in short time

While in search of all Microsoft technology i found that there is no single blog which will give all information of all technology related to Microsoft.

In this path i have collected several information of all technology related to Microsoft only and try to represent them in my language to understand it to all type audience.

During very first day of same , I though of giving only one Infographics , but after collecting lots information and representing all Microsoft Technology in single Infographics , Its hard to explain and hard to fit into Design.

As I am not Web Designer or Photoshop Expert i have represent all diagram in on my own way using whatever small tools i have.

Infographics Technology List


Microsoft is so huge and spread in all direction of all technology,  So for our simple understanding and perfect picture I have  separated in following parts

  • Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft ASP.NET , C Sharp (C #),Silverlight
  • Bing-Microsoft Hotmail, Microsoft SkyDrive,Windows Internet Explorer 9
  • Expression Blend
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Master Data Service, Power Pivot
  • Microsoft System Center
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Forefront
  • Microsoft Surface
  • SharePoint 2010
  • Windows Live Essentials – Shree Ram
  • Operation System Windows 8, Windows 7,Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Azure
  • Xbox 360
  • Zune Platform
  • SQL Azure

Logo for all technologies in Microsoft Technology Infographics Series 


You can look at logo strips Right and Left Side of this post. image

Contents in series of Microsoft Technology Infographics

In thinking of this processes i always ask myself what should i represent so that my user will happy to read this all

So I have come up with 12 to 15 Question and I decide to answer this question through the platform of Infographics

Following are my question list :

  • History of technology from start to 2012
  • Where Technology has been used in current world
  • Which are prerequisite technology we must know for learning of Technology
  • What are Logos Technology
  • Various tools for development of this technology
  • Cost required to buy this tool / Technology
  • Optional for this technology in current market
  • All Featured list of this technology
  • Introductory line for this technology
  • Important resource link / Blog / Website for technology
  • MS Official blog / Website for technology

Features of Infographics

One of the most attracting features for my all Infographics are I have also take into consideration following points

  • Job Opportunities , Global Reach and Usage in %
  • Usage Based on Fresher, Developer and Experts
  • Time Line for Evolution of Windows Live Essentials
  • Microsoft Technology and Others in Chart
  • So keeping all the information bit secrete now i will stop here only and will represent everything in my upcoming Infographics  series post .

I will also explain lot of stuff related to Infographics as i have been working from two month, I have really got many informative material , links  and website.

So wait until my next post in this series.

    Hope you will like this introductory post on ALL Microsoft Technology Infographics.

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3 thoughts on “MS BI #78 : ALL Microsoft Technology with Infographics #1 : Introduction

  1. Your new Microsoft technology infographics series of articles sounds like it will have a lot of very useful information. I look forward to reading your posts!

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