MSBI # 66 – SSIS # 27 – SSIS Properties #1 – Check Points Introduction and Usage

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In the current world where we are always dealing with time , we must always utilize check points whenever we can utilize it .

In this article we are covering following points

  • Where I can find Check points option ?
  • Check points option
  • Properties for Checkpoints
  • Checkpoint Usage

We use checkpoints for tracing back and continuing flow / execution like in the game we always have checkpoints option so rework should be less . 


There is lot post available for same in web @ various blog , I just thought to give my reader every points that they found relevant and not to have lot of to n fro form various website , also my idea is to share complete knowledge on one web blog.

Where I can find Check points option

Right Click and select Prop ties on SSIS plane as shown


On the top most section on property tab we will find checkpoint option


Check points option


Now we are good to go for configuration of check points .

Properties for Checkpoints

The checkpoint file includes the execution results of all completed containers, the current values of system and user-defined variables, and package configuration information.

The file also includes the unique identifier of the package.

To successfully restart a package, the package identifier in the checkpoint file and the package must match; otherwise the restart fails.

This prevents a package from using a checkpoint file written by a different package version.

If the package runs successfully, after it is restarted the checkpoint file is deleted.

The following table lists the package properties that we can set to implement checkpoints.


Additionally, we can set the FailPackageOnFailure  property to true for all the containers in the package that we want to identify as restart points.

We can also use the ForceExecutionResult property to test the use of checkpoints in a package. By setting ForceExecutionResult of a task or container to Failure, we can imitate real-time failure. When you rerun the package, the failed task and containers will be rerun.

Checkpoint Usage

The CheckpointUsage property can be set to the following values:


We will have lots of information in upcoming post

Hope this helps !!

Hope you have understood Introduction to check points and how to use same .

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