MSBI # 47 – SSRS # 5 – What is a Report ? and Report Definition Overview Diagrams !

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MSBI # 33 – SSRS # 4 – Everything and Detailed Explanation of Shared Data Source in SSRS

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In this article we are covering

  • What is a Report?
  • Diagram for Report Layout
  • Diagram for Report Data
  • Diagram for Report Items
  • Diagram for Tablix
  • Diagram for Chart
  • Diagram for Custom Report
  • Diagram for Gauge Panel
  • Diagram for Map

Lets see one by one in deep !

What is a Report?

A report is a combination of three kinds of information:

  • Data or information about how to obtain the data (queries) as well as the structure of the data.
  • Layout or formatting information that describes how the data is presented
  • Properties of the report, such as author, parameters, images within the report, and so on

Report Definition Overview Diagrams :

Following section contains diagrams that illustrate the schema of the Report Definition Language

Report Layout Diagram : 


Report Data Diagram


Report Items






Custom Report 

Gauge Panel




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