Free E-Book for OFFICE 365 – Connect and Collaborate Anywhere and Anytime

Office 365 is today hot topic and we will find one of book i.e free E-Book is now available in MSDN Press !! Lets have review of this book as well as some talks for Office 356 !!


Click on following link to download this beautiful book

Click Here to Download this Book !!

Lets be frank and to be honest with my reader my review is not countable as in Star kind of or Researcher kind of for sure But you can take this review as Laymen Who don’t known what technology but wanted to know Why and what is Office 365 .

I already had given introductory post on the Office 365 in last month and explained lot of basic thing regarding same

Let’s Welcome n Enjoy launching of Office 365 Globally !!!! « (B)usiness (I)ntelligence Mentalist

Following is one snap of that link too !!


Lets talk regarding book now …

Interesting introduction of book is as follows



This book is divided in to Three main parts

  • PART I – Finding Your Place in the Cloud
  • PART II – Teamwork in  the Cloud
  • PART III – Connecting in Real Time

Lets see each part

1. PART I – Finding Your Place in the Cloud

This is just introductory why we are moving to office 365 and How to start with it is explained in details.

This is Section  has following three lessons


All the terms is explained in beautiful and understandable Diagrams As this diagram explains How Does All This Work ?


Second chapter is big one with Getting started explanation in this we will learn all basic needed to start with it ??


Third chapter is for more admin work


In this way I will say each one of us should be looking at this book at least one once before start using Office 365

I don’t want to loose your interest for reading this book after giving my review on it , so stopping here only ..

So don’t wait go and just download this book !!! Totally free !!!

Thanks to Microsoft and Katherine Murray for this book !!

Thanks for visiting my blog !!

Hope you will read this book !!!

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