Moving Ahead with Mobile Business Intelligence–Data Everywhere !!

I have gathered this information from the post Top 10 reports on global mobile use | Tribal Labs thanks to Geoff Stead

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Clearly the mobile phone and other new technologies have had a huge impact across the globe. The ways in which this varies, and the reasons behind this, are generally economic, social and environmental. If there is network coverage at a rate the poorest people can afford, then people throughout the world will use their phones for a variety of daily tasks: in fact there seems to be an argument that in the developing countries, people use their phones for a wider variety of tasks than in the developed world. It is also important to note that, whereas the trend towards mobile internet use is growing rapidly in the developed world, this growth remains most evident in the developed world (and China) where mobile Web access is expected to overtake desktop Web access within the next five years. The information gathered from the research process will help MoLE to assess which mobile providers best meet the needs and requirements of the project. Knowledge about the ways in which people across the globe currently use their phones, and what might be useful to them in the future, will also inform these decisions.

Mobile financial services
The use of mobile phones for money transactions (to buy goods and services, and to manage your financial affairs) has increased significantly over the past five years, and is set to continue growing. There are also a number of projects aimed at increasing the availability of mobile money services to people who are ‘unbanked’: for example, the GSMA Development Fund has initiated the Mobile Money for the Unbanked (MMU) programme to accelerate the availability of mobile money services to the unbanked and those living on less than US$2 per day. There are a number of issues around this initiative, which involves bringing together mobile operators in developing countries, banks, microfinance institutions, governments, development organizations and the private sector. MMU has the goal of reaching 20 million previously unbanked people with mobile financial services by 2012.

Worldwide: what do people use their phones for?
Globally, according to the ITU Report:

  • SMS is still the most popular activity across the world, with 4 2009
  • Mobile web: 0.4 billion users browsed the mobile web in 200
  • 55 million people used m-banking in 2009
  • 19% of all phones sold are now smartphones.
    A 2010 survey of consumers around the world  (The Future of Global Communications, Oracle) found that the most popular function is text messaging. Consumers had used the following functions on their mobile: sent a text (88%); taken a picture (85%); listened to music (60%); read or sent an e-mail (49%); watched a video (41%); opened a word processing document/spreadsheet (23%); updated status on a social media website (21%); accessed online banking (18%); purchased an item online (9%).
    Also there are other website also provide wild variety of data as follow



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