MSBI # 9– BI # 3 – Architectural Overview of SSIS,SSRS and SSAS

Following are just architectural overview of BI tools

Components of SQL Server

  • Database Engine
  • SSIS
  • SSRS
  • SSAS


Architecture of SSRS

As we know SSRS is Reporting tool which means should have reach and fast user interface

Primary Component


Above diagram are self explanatory,We can see report server fetching data for Users where we can also insert custom code if required

Architecture of SSIS

  • The run-time engine implements the control flow and package management infrastructure
  • The data flow engine is a specialized, high performance engine that is exclusively dedicated to extracting, transforming, and loading data.
  • Integration Services supports both native and managed code.
  • The Integration Services service, monitors running Integration Services packages and manages the storage of packages


Architecture of SSAS

Server Architecture for SSAS


Client Architecture




For Multidimensional Data Architecture


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7 thoughts on “MSBI # 9– BI # 3 – Architectural Overview of SSIS,SSRS and SSAS

  1. Yes these are totally different tool !!!
    SSIS- Integration Tool
    SSAS-Analysis Tool
    Both are Devloped in SSMS for Sure !!
    You will get more idea while surfing on my blog or on google !!

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