MSBI # 6– SSIS # 2- Get familiar with BIDS–SSIS ? – (SQL Server Integration Services)

From my last continuing post on MSBI MSBI # 5– SSAS # 1- What is SSAS ? – (SQL Server Analysis Services) « (B)usiness (I)ntelligence Mentalist

Now lets start digging into Development surface for SSIS

After opening BIDS project as mentioned in following link MSBI #2– BI # 2- Lets play with Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) « (B)usiness (I)ntelligence Mentalist

How to start new project in SSIS

Create new project as per following screen shots

Select Integration service project and do select required folder name and location


Following are BIDS playground for development

SSIS Toolbox:

This is component where you can select and drag and drop various component

for development of SSIS

as you can see I have given both screen shot for CTP 3 and 2008 R2


following is complete toolbox from SSIS 2008 R2 for Control flow and Data flow


We will have detailed one tutorial for each component mentioned above!!

Each package as following TAB


Difference between Data flow and control flow

Control Flow:

    • Process is the key: precedence constraints control the project flow based on task completion, success or failure
    • Task 1 needs to complete before task 2 begins
    • Smallest unit of the control flow is a task
    • Control flow does not move data from task to task
    • Tasks are run in series if connected with precedence or in parallel
    • Package control flow is made up of containers and tasks connected with precedence constraints to control package flow

    Data Flow:

    • Streaming
    • Unlink control flow, multiple components can process data at the same time
    • Smallest unit of the data flow is a component
    • Data flows move data, but are also tasks in the control flow, as such, their success or failure effects how your control flow operates
    • Data is moved and manipulated through transformations
    • Data is passed between each component in the data flow
    • Data flow is made up of source(s), transformations, and destinations.

    Event handler :

      Its is responsible handling events for various SSIS executionSolution Explore:Key towards your development , This where our actual package is stored as well as connection string. A solution is a container for one or more projects. When you create multiple SSIS projects to organize your packages, you combine those packages into one or more solutions


      Over all BIDS look


      You can go ahead and have look on MSDN link for more Details

      If you wan more interesting link please visit our link resource website

      Link Resource # 8 July 28 « Dactylonomy of Web Resource

      Hope this helps !!

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