MSBI #1– BI # 1-Its always start with the introduction

Hi friends, lets get start with my entire BI , to be more specific MSBI tutorial,series of post or whatever you call it ,But will always helpful for you.
At the end of this entire series of the post I m willing to writing book on MSBI simple PDF E-Book for general practice to kick start !!

I have plan of having 90 Series of post in coming month completing all aspect of MSBI Technology

Hope I will get success in this with your and all gods wishes !!

So yesterday one of my subordinate(Abhijit) has send me one link which is PowerPoint presentation and I really like it if I am thinking my self as non MSBI developer

Following link :Introduction To Msbi By Yasir

IF you still not able to downloaded let me know I can share that with you.

In this PPT Yasir has really explain following thing very properly

  • What is Data warehouse ?? with different examples. How data mining works with data warehouse.
  • What is MSBI ??
  • Why Customers are moving towards MSBI (Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008) though they already had Other RDBMS for eg. (Oracle) as source.
  • Understanding the terminologies of Data warehouse (DWH)
    Just I cant stop myself to copy this image for you so that u can directly jump into PPT after looking this image



So is it really worth of Studying MSBI ? Yup !! surely !!

Following are really nice introductory video should watch at lest once !!

  1. Lets Bruno Speak On the same topic @ You Tube
  2. What is Business Intelligence ? By Jeff Block
  3. Business Intelligence in 2020
  4. BI @ By one of College Speak
  5. Business intelligence – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you thought of any link which should I mention in introductory phase pleases add your contribution with open hurt !!

Hope this will help you !!

15 thoughts on “MSBI #1– BI # 1-Its always start with the introduction

  1. Can we have SSIS Tutorials in coming days from your side, As you written these tutorials are wondrfull.

  2. Thanx,
    Your diagram is too good in
    MSBI Introduction Part 1
    MSBI Introduction Part 2
    MSBI Introduction Part 3
    ….its very easy to understand.
    I think its good overview of BI.

  3. its really good.
    Data staging is like a temporary copy of Data source, so can we do it manually or BI provide this Staging & Data cleansing?m confused..

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