3 Giant Enterprise Reporting Solutions Comparisons

HI folks, today only I just found one beautiful understandable post on comparative studies of various BI Enterprise Reporting Solutions by Shravan Kumar Kasagoni

on his superb post :Enterprise Reporting Solutions | Shravan Weblog

When I read that post its too good,But still I thought we should have simple comparative chart for easy explanation and fast knowledge Smile..to save time

So I just use this content again and formed our own comparison hope Shravan wont mind Smile

following is required comparison in very simple words but I know its not complete chart , So remaining point which I have missed or not included pleases go ahead and inform me ,Kick me or post me.

Lets make this comparison complete


If its not visible Smile lets zoom it !!



2.Business Objects XI WebIntelligence


3.Cognos Series 8


Hope this helps and continues with remaining points ..

8 thoughts on “3 Giant Enterprise Reporting Solutions Comparisons

  1. I’m not very familiar with Cognos Series 8 or Business Objects XI, but I do use SSRS and find it does the job very well for what I need it to do. Crystal Reports can also be useful, but does cost more than SSRS. Interesting information!

  2. great to know the comparisons…..
    from this comparison, I think MS is Best for this????

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