Hint for Question on Beyond Relation BI Quiz !

Hi guys ,image

Very interesting BI Quiz is going on in Beyond Relation 

This is quiz is running from this month with all interesting question and open for entire month.



About Beyond Relation Quiz

On this blog monthly quiz is running around and First prize Apple iPad


I have also given opportunity to ask one question which will be in following  link :

SQL Server BI Quiz 2011 – Best SSIS Components for generalized Extraction and Snchronization Process

You can answer this at 16 June 2011 on same link.

Hint for above question is on following post :

SSIS How to Process Data as Fastest,Parallel , Multithreaded or in Very Efficient Way !!!

About Beyond Relation

This website is full of Blogs,Post,Puzzles,SQL tools and information with all Best blogger from all over world with all recent technical stuff !!!

Go and Just have fun with technology !!


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