Installation and Set Up in new HP Proliant Server with Windows 2003

Today I just got Server installation opportunity with one of HP engineer.

Our server is HP Proliant Series brand new Server

imageHP Proliant Series

Whole day, each minute it was new learning session from me.

We have started our discussion on which server installation we have to go for.

HP engineer has almost 7 years of experience in this type of server installation.

After digging lot into windows 2008 and 2003 we have decided to go for 2003.

image image

Following are some of key points why we going for 2003

· 2003 is best support for small organization

· Driver requirement stuff always mandatory in 2008

· There are no separate IT guys for handling server.

· We require small Set up server for 200 users

Steps For Setup we have followed:

  • HP ACU Configuration
  • Windows Server 2003 Setup
  • Setup an Active Directory
  • Formation for Domain based on company
  • Adding and managing domain user accounts

Thanks a lot of HP Engineer for sharing lot of knowledge with me .

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