Hi Everyone, !!!

At last i have started blogging in full fledge for Business Intelligence community!!

I am going to share all my previous,current experience with you.

Let the knowledge sharing journey start !

You must be thinking Why the name Mentalist 🙂

The reason for such a name is my dream towards the world of BI.

I want to be Mentalist of All BI Problem,Solution,Architecture,Implementation.

Lets together share and enjoy and Lets break through all obstacles in path of BI!!!

Your Question will be my Steps towards my success.

Your again and again visit will be my success.(Not in the traffic sence buddies 🙂 )

Thanks for giving me some response in my previous website www.vishalpawar.net

I am planning for One post each day and answering of all your question in all day!!

||Shree Ram Samarth ||

5 thoughts on “Hi Everyone, !!!

  1. Coooooooooooooolllllllllllll dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….

    go aheaddd………..

  2. hey its superb.It would help us to know more about Buisness intelligence.

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