Join The PASS Business Analytics Group Today and watch 10+ expert session ! Year 2019-20 Update

The PASS Business Analytics Group provides virtual training on the tools and architecture patterns required to create world-class Business Analytics solutions.

Session Stats & details

We hosted 10 + Online webinar sessions with 8000+ Registered users with 4000+ online attendees worldwide.

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What is PASS BA VC (Business Analytics virtual group)

The PASS Business Analytics virtual group is an online gathering place for business analysts, data scientists, architects and BA practitioners to share and learn. Monthly webcasts will showcase a variety of relevant topics. The general topics with this Business Analytics Virtual Group naturally intercept the topics presented by the business intelligence, big data, data architecture and master data/data quality PASS Virtual Groups. Non-Microsoft solutions will be included as topics sessions (e.g. Hadoop, Reporting Tools). Data Visualization, Analytics and Data Science topics will include patterns/practices sessions from speakers outside the traditional PASS SQL Server community.

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I am co-leading this group with amazing Michael Johnson.


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Thank you for amazing speaker who make this event successful every month.