Event Recap : Florida State University session on Power BI With Microsoft MVP’s Tech Tour #TechTourU

Last month we have presented in Florida State university ( Yes ! Go Nole !!) in associated of Microsoft Tech Tour University,Our goal was to share their knowledge and impact the students and professors, As Joe said can be summed up in 3 bold ambitions: Educate, Influence & Build Relationships

Session – Performing Data Analytics with Power BI and Become a Master from Beginner to expert

Content Description:In this session, we will walk through various features of Power BI and learn How Power BI can transform any data into rich visuals, Easy representation and powerful Analytics solutions for your carrier and any data question.

Session will cover following points

  • BI for Everyone
  • Traditional BI
  • Current Microsoft BI Path
  • What is Power BI
  • Why Power BI and Its Key benefits
  • Who are user of Power BI
  • Installation, Prerequisites
  • Power BI Overview
  • Power BI Cloud
  • Source Supported in Power BI
  • DEMO – Data Set, Metadata
  • DEMO – Power BI Desktop
  • Demo – Power BI Service
  • Start discovering using Q&A
  • Auto Quick Insight
  • Data Galleries, Learning and Certification
  • Personnel: 8 MVPs,  3 Microsoft FTEs (1 CDA Cecil Phillip, 1 Dev Support Engineer Will Beachem and Joe Drako)
  • Registration: 137 registered (take out Faculty and volunteers and you have 125)
  • 65 signed in officially, 10 showed up without registering, 18 people watched the livestream
  • Team Microsoft FSU #NoleMSTech –




Image result for fsu campus










Special thank you to – @Santosh Hari, @Kevin Feasel, @bhakthil@gmail.com, @Bryan Soltis, @Gus Gonzalez, @Cecil Phillip, @Dwight Goins  @Ashley Grant @Kayleigh Stalley @Anthony Nocentino, @Amanda Lange and @joe_darko

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